Camp Life


Our campers are placed in cabins with 6-10 other campers of the same gender and of a similar age. We try to have a variety of nationalities in the cabin and promote our campers to speak in English for most of the day. The cabins will share one – two dormitory rooms and sit together at mealtimes, as well as doing many fun activities together!

Each cabin has a counsellor of the same gender that will take care of the campers, get them to their activities, make them feel at home and will look out for their safety and well-being. We also separate male and female cabins into two different areas of the school and in each of these areas our counsellors will stay in a room on the same floor as their cabin, so they are easily reachable to their campers when they need them.

At Camp Yojoa we believe that being in cabins and spending a lot of time together throughout their stay at camp creates such strong friendships and truly becomes a small family. Campers will spend time each day doing a Cabin Activity lead by the cabin counsellors which gives cabins the opportunity to do fun activities as a small group which brings them closer as they share these unique experiences.



At Camp Yojoa we do not allow campers to have any electronics such as phones, iPads, laptops, iPods, and tablets in their rooms. We ask that campers’ hand in all electronics when they arrive, and we will securely lock them away. Each day campers will get one hour of electronic time to use their devices and hand them back at the end of the hour.

From our experience of working at camp having a small time of electronics each day means that campers spend more time being fully involved in the activities at camp and communicate more with the people around them. This helps them make so many new friends and build those lifelong friendships as they are not distracted using phones. We believe that by not having phones campers are away from all the pressures that come along with using electronics and live more in the moment of the amazing experience that camp brings.


At camp all the campers eat together for breakfast, lunch and dinner which is served in our large dining hall. We serve a variety of food and cater to all dietary requirements so that there is always something for everyone!


Our staff are very passionate about working with children and young people and are there to create the best camp experience possible for our campers. Our staff are highly skilled in the electives that they run and are there to provide pastoral care for your children. Our staff take part in a 7-day training programme that covers all aspects of camp such as creating fun activities, dealing with challenging behaviour , safeguarding, building strong relationships, risk assessments, safety and much more which ensures that they are fully prepared for their role at Camp Yojoa.

The main responsibilities of our staff are to look after their cabin group either alone or with a fellow counsellor depending on the size of the cabin which ranges from 6 – 10 campers. Our counsellors will be waking up the campers, getting them ready for the day, sitting with them at meal times, ensuring they get to their electives on time, running fun cabin activities, taking part in evening programmes with their cabins and being their main point of contact at camp. Counsellors act like a parent, sibling or mentor to our campers and always put the needs of the campers first. Counsellors are always there not only to make camp a special place but to look after the well-being of our campers and provide support and care for them.


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