What makes Camp Yojoa unique?

Camp Yojoa is a unique summer camp as it allows children from all across the world to come together to learn and practice English and get involved in fun activities. Each child will leave camp having improved their English, gained life-long friendships and pushed themselves out of their comfort zone. Camp Yojoa supports the development of every camper and provides a home away from home for your child.

How can Camp Yojoa improve your child's fluency in English?

At Camp Yojoa campers get a full English immersion experience through English only speaking activities and electives during their stay. Campers will also have the opportunity to practise their English through tailor made lessons based on the ability level of the campers. The lessons will mainly focus on verbal communication, with some parts focusing on reading and writing. By the end of camp the campers will have improved not only their English communication but also their confidence and understanding of the language.

How long should my child attend camp?

Campers can attend camp for either one week or two weeks.  A one week camp is a great opportunity for campers to test the water for the first time away from home, whilst still benefiting from the great opportunity to practise their English and make new friends. A two week camp will allow campers to further their understanding of the language and grow in confidence through their use of the language, as well as build lifelong friendships.

Where is Camp Yojoa located?

Camp Yojoa is located in Ireland, in County Westmeath, which is only a one hour drive from Dublin city.

How will each child get to camp from the airport?

Camp Yojoa offers a free pick up service from Dublin Airport on Sunday between the hours of 9am and 5pm and free drop off each Saturday between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

Outside of these hours there will be a charge of €150 each way.

How do I contact my child during camp?

At Camp Yojoa campers will have the opportunity to call home from 5pm-5.45pm UK time. By only allowing the campers to use their phones at this time it makes sure that campers are fully involved in the activities at camp and communicate more with the people around them. This helps the campers to make new friends and build lifelong friendships. Outside of these hours the campers phones will be stored in a safe location in the camp office.

How many campers are in a cabin?

Our campers are placed in cabins with other campers of the same gender, of a similar age and with around 6-10 campers in total. We try to have a variety of nationalities in the cabin and promote our campers to speak in English for most of the day. The cabins will share one – two dormitory rooms

Can friends or family stay in the same cabin?

We will do our very best to make sure that your child is in the same cabin as their friends and family, as long as they are the same age and gender. Make sure you notify us on your application of the name of your child and their friend/family member.

How does my child choose their electives?

Once you have registered your child for summer camp, we will send you a number of documents including an elective information form, which will explain the activities provided and it will require you to fill out the electives your child would like to do.

Can they change their elective at camp?

This is a possibility. Each of our electives will have a maximum number of campers, but if there is enough space we will happily change their elective. However, for campers to change from their English elective they will be required to get permission from their parent or guardian.

How do you recruit your staff?

At Camp Yojoa we believe that it is essential to get the right staff, therefore applicants must go through a three step process. This includes completing an application form showing relevant experience, attending a group assessment day focused on both individual and team activities and finally a 1:1 interview. Once staff have completed this process and been offered the job, they will then need to provide a full background check with references.

How do you ensure the safety of your campers?

At Camp Yojoa we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all children during their time with us. Every child has their own individual needs and our staff will make sure to provide the support and guidance needed for your child. Staff will receive safeguarding training before they start at camp, to make sure they have the suitable knowledge to deal with any situation that may arise on camp. At Camp Yojoa we promote a feeling of community and support for one another, which allows our campers to feel safe and free to be themselves.